New OpenPGP key

Just a quick post (as usual, I create blogs and then forget about them very quickly) to let you know that I’ve changed my OpenPGP key.

Here you can find the instructions you need to use the new key.

Write me lots of encrypted emails!

Fresh start

After seeing the minimal design of edne’s new blog, I’ve decided to remove all the Wordpress clunkiness from my server and begin using a static website generator. This turned out to be a wonderful choice.

I’ve chosen Hugo mainly because almost every other static website generator is written in Ruby, and I don’t like Ruby very much. The first impact is very good, I don’t miss anything I was using on Wordpress and the workflow is very straightforward. One nice thing that I noted is that I was able to tweak the theme with very little effort, and I’m not a web guy (I would not touch a Wordpress theme with a 10 foot pole).

So, now the only thing that is missing in this blog is content. I hope I will be more consistent than the last time. But I always say that when I start a blog.